your first steps

Your way to Personal Training should be as short and easy as possible.

Having said this I would first like to invite you having a Free and Noncommittal Chat , allowing us to get to know each other and clarify all questions.

Based on the wish for cooperation and detailed Verbal Assessment, we will consider risk-factors, define tangible goals, establish determining factors and work out your individual “vision of physical activity”.

A Preventive Medical Checkup (which can be made once every year for free with your family doctor) prior to starting an exercise program is generally reasonable. Anyway, in some cases a Medical Affirmation can be necessary.

In the next step all information and thoughts are processed to a holistic concept for physical activity, your Individual Training Schedule.
Depending on the circumstances and personal goals a Fitness Assessment and/or Nutrition Counselling may be recommended or even required.

Now you are ready for the essential step: Your Personal Training.

Costs for Verbal Assessment, Training Schedule and Personal Training vary according to setting, client goals and location and are therefore arranged within our Free and Noncommittal Chat.

For general information regarding pricing please send me your request.