Personal Training

Personal Training stands for customized training with all advantages of individual 1:1-service.

Based on a Verbal assessment we will first work out your concept for physical activity, which accounts for optimal efficiency regarding your resources and goals. In the process of Personal Training we are going your way together, while you are getting adjusted, informed, and motivated - till you manage to achieve your goals.

Personal Training takes place in your exclusive Fitness Area (2nd district in Vienna, or Neu-Oberhausen), or outdoors nearby. In particular cases Personal Training is also possible at your home or fitness center.

Exclusive Fitness Area :
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Individual Training Schedule

An individual workout concept is important to healthy and effective training.
On the basis of a detailed personal assessment we mutually create a workout plan over a period of time which matches your personal goals and potential.
This plan will enable you to progress toward your training goals within the framework of a Personal Training or also independently.

Update of Training Schedule:

To ensure continuous improvement, the content of the exercise programs will be changed or adapted on a regular basis. Through that, the body is challenged in a variety of ways and effects of habituation or stagnation can be avoided.
▄blicherweise sollten ─nderungen im Training alle 2-3 Monate erfolgen.


  • biological age and organic health
  • posture
  • body composition (muscle and fat tissue) und constitutional somatotype
  • motor abilities

    • strength: muscle function, muscle strength, muscle balance, level of strength and coordination within complex exercises
    • endurance: metabolic thresholds, heart frequency-based training zones
    • flexibility: hypo- and hypermobility of the musculoskeletal system
    • coordination: reaction, stability, balance

Activity Monitoring and Lifestyle Analysis

The Bodymedia SenseWear Armband® is comfortable in use (upper arm cuff) and can be worn up to one week, collecting several physiological data. It allows reliable assessment and analysis of:
  • Basal metabolic rate, calorie consumption during activity and daily energy expenditure
  • Movement patterns, activity level and lifestilye
  • Duration and quality of sleep
  • Stress level and ability for regeneration
  • Efficiency of exercise and energy expenditure of different physical activities
Based on these parameters exercise and weight loss programs can be evaluated and individual advice can be given purposefully.

Nutrition Counselling

A well-balanced and individually adjusted diet provides for optimized training adaptions and accelerates training progress. No matter if you aim for health, performance or aesthetics – proper nutritional strategies will make a significant contribution to achieving your goals faster.

The trustful cooperation with my nutritional counsellor Verena Wartmann has been proven for best successes.


It is also possible to work out with your partner or a good friend to pursue a specific health- or fitness-related goal together. This way it’s not only doubled fun and motivation, but also a good value option due to shared costs. On request I gladly try to arrange a session with a likeminded person.

Sport-Scientific Advice

Whether you would like to begin an exercise program on your own, require some information or need help acquiring exercise equipment or just could use some practical tips for better shape and fitness – I would be glad to serve you with suitable information.