Individual Psychological Psychotherapy

"Seeing with the Eyes of Others, Listening to the Ears of Others, Feeling with the Hearts of Others" (Alfred Adler)

Psychotherapy is a science-based procedure for treating mental suffering and illness.
Individual psychology is a special method that places the individual in his individuality in the center of attention. The individual is understood in the context of his social relationships and in dealing with his environment.

The therapy usually goes beyond the treatment of symptoms and pursues a sustainable development and change process. The goal is a deeper understanding of one's own person and relationship patterns, which results in new opportunities for action and action in different areas of life.

This method is therefore not only suitable for the treatment of illnesses, but also as self-care and "psycho-hygiene", to increase the quality of life. Indications for psychotherapy can be: If you are looking for support, I would be happy to meet you through a personal and non-binding initial interview.

Focus and Method of Working

In my work, I place the highest value on individual needs through a trusting and reliable working relationship. In order to find new experiences, decision-making and action, we focus our attention in individual psychological psychotherapy on the following aspects: My core areas and topics include:

What I Offer

My therapy differs depending on whether you are more likely to seek short-term goals at the symptom or behavioral level, or long-term changes at the level of your personality and lifestyle.

As part of our initial discussion, we will explore which form of psychotherapy is best suited to your needs. These include:

Individualpsychologically oriented psychotherapy

Short-term therapy

Couples therapy

OPD – Operationalised psychodynamic diagnostics system

Additional offers