Sport Science Based Personal Training

Why Exercise?

Movement is a genetic requirement. It is indispensable for regulating mental and physical health and performance as a holistic "human system". By re-integrating regular physical activity into your life, you bring your body system back into balance and experience the "original fitness of a caveman" - with innumerable positive effects, ex. on appetite, well-being, metabolism and figure. Get back to what our ancestors once thought as strong and healthy!

Why personal training?

Personal Training can help you as a "kick-start" to overcome the first resistance and to get going until you have developed a natural desire to move and have solidified exercise as an integral part of your daily routine. In addition, Personal Training ensures rapid success, the best possible efficiency in the pursuit of your personal goal and ideally supports you in the development of your own competencies and long-term motivation, as the basis of a self-responsible training.


My way of working: personal, individual and holistic

In my work, I place the highest value on a responsible handling of one's own body, on safety in training, on individual needs and a trusting and reliable working relationship. In addition, it is important to convey joy in the movement and curiosity about personal development and to enable quick success experiences. My motto is "The way is the goal". This common way is about perception, understanding and learning.

My way of working differs depending on whether you are more likely to pursue short-term goals and are quite self-reliant, or if you are looking for broader goals and long-term changes in your lifestyle. I work with fitness trainers and business clients as well. I cooperate with fitness trainers and businesses.

Services in Detail

1. Sport Science Based Personal Training

2. Moving lifestyle

3. Train the Trainer - Supervision

4. Occupational health promotion and projects

5. Diagnosis